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The Property Pack produces marketing content for large and small businesses that have anything to do with the housing industry, commercial property market, retail property, industrial property or any service industry including realestate agents and trades people.

We help businesses to become famous.

The Property Pack is a division of which is a successful publisher that owns around fifty important websites including, and We even own !

How it works

Our core business is publishing news and magazine pages on our websites.

We are paid by very large businesses, medium size businesses and emerging businesses to publish their marketing content every month across our network.

The Property Pack is our website where we publish news, comparisons, reviews and product reports for the property industry.

We publish on and on twenty two of our other sites so that we can put our advertisers' content in front of 1000's of people a week.

A major bonus of our site wide article placement is that Google indexes our pages each day. Property Pack advertisers are seen on The Property, twenty two other sites that we own and each of the twenty three different articles is indexed by Google.

We write content that highlights the talents, skills, experience and market appeal of our client's products or services. By using the most appropriate titles, search terms and keywords, content prepared by The Property Pack will be seen in Google search.

Property Industry Marketing

The Property Pack Categories

1. Property Services

2. Realestate agents

3. Property for sale

  * Residential

   * Industrial

  * Commercial

  * Retail

  * Rural

  * Demolish & Build

  * Vacant

  * For Sale by Owner

  * House & Land

  * Off the Plan

4. Short Term Rentals

5. Suppliers

6. House & Garden

7. Builders

8. Finance

9. Trades

Property Pack sites - A realestate website - A high traffic business and property website - A high traffic news and magazine site with a property section - All about making a building into a home. - A high traffic news site with a property section. - Times Urban - Quality realestate news - A news magazine with a popular realestate section - A magazine with a large property section. - An international website with a property section. - Regional property. - A dedicated housing news website - Home & Garden - A State or territory specific property website

iVillage, - Australian magazine with a property section - A high authority site with a realestate section - Business news with realestate features - News and realestate updates - Property and busienss news - A premium magazine with property reports - A premium magazine with property news - Architecture and the environment - Business, investment and property news

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