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Terms & Conditions

Services offered by The Property Packs are governed by Australian consumer laws.

We will rectify our mistakes at no charge and in a timely manner.

We will publish copy and images supplied to us by clients exactly as sent. If changes are required after publishing, we will charge a variation fee.

Copy that we create will be sent to the client for editing and or corrections prior to publishing. Upon return, the content is deemed to be the final copy for publishing. After publishing, changes will incur and variation fee.

Content sent for publishing will remain on the websites on which it is published for the life of the website. Clients may request removal of the content at any time.

Banner ad space offer as a component of a Property Pack will remain on the site on which it is published for a period of six calendar months.

The content method to be used to reach us +is email

Our Privacy Policy covers how we use data supplied to us by clients.

Article specifications.

Articles provided by The Property Pack to customers will be at least 500 words without an upper limited.

Each article will include one image.

Articles posted on will include two images or more subject to negotiation.

Articles may have up to two embedded videos supplied by the client and served through Youtube.


We do not accept payment for product or service reviews that appear in our magazine section.

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