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There 4 Property Pack options


1. Writing and publication of five articles on

2. Writing and publication of twenty articles to be placed across our websites

3. Publishing of five 728 x 90 banners across our sites for one year


1. Writing and publication of three articles on

2. Writing and publication of ten articles across our websites

3. Publication of one 728 x 90 banner on one website for a year


1. Writing and publication of two articles on

2. Writing and publication of five articles spread across any of our sites

3. Publication of one 728 x 90 banner on one site for six months.


1. Writing and publication of one article on

2. Writing and publication of two articles spread across any two of our sites.

3. Publication of one banner on our property site for ninety days.


Our prices are one time only.

There are no monthly subscriptions

There are no commission fees for sales or employment obtained due to The Property Pack marketing.

Banners to be supplied by by the customer


1. Invoice and bank transfer

2. PayPal with Pay in 4 an option


Articles and banners can be changed after publishing for a fee for each amendment.

Property Packs offer highly effective content marketing to targeted audiences.

Our additional services include

Google ad management

Google ads a very effective in reaching potential customers.

While they can be expensive, they are almost certain to attract new customers for businesses that need instant action.

At The Property Pack, we know how to leverage Google advertising.

Contact us for a quote.

Websites in an hour

Once we have received all of the data from each client, we create fully functional websites on our own server in less than an hour.

Property Pack customers often needed a website upgrade. We are the people to do it as we can integrate part of the 22 articles that we create for each client into their website.

We are experts in link building for the websites owned by our clients.

We are the Link Kings !

We own the websites to prove it. ! and ( Established in 2014 ).

Press release distribution

Here at The Property Pack, we are press release distribution experts.

Every day, with our global press release partners, we are active in the creation or publication of hundreds of press releases for businesses in Australia and around the World.

Our network, our division, our division and our websites reach 1000's of readers including key business people, industry leaders and property professionals.

Get in touch for press release creation, distribution and publishing.

Website banner advertising

We are specialists in online banner ad placement.

Affiliate marketing

We set up affiliate marketing for property industry businesses.

We have been invoiced with affiliate marketing since 2005 and have many contacts with who we co-operate.

Extra articles

Additional articles to be published on ThePropertyPack and any related websites are an option.

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