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About The Property Pack

The Property Pack is our name for the group of journalists and publicists who run this property news and real estate resource industry website.

We created The Property Pack digital marketing solutions to share information about real estate and the countless people with a wide range of job descriptions, who create property, develop land, build, improve, renovate, fix, design, landscape, maintain or sell property.

What is The Property Pack ?

The Property Pack is a comprehensive marketing package created for the realestate, property, property finance housing and property service industries.

A Property Pack can be used to showcase, search engine optimise or promote actual realestate or related services for residential property, industrial property, commercial realestate, rural property, retail property, house & land packages or vacant land of all types.

Who can benefit from The Property Pack ?

Property developers

Property developers use The Property Pack to announce site acquisitions, development approvals, key appointments to a project and to market off plan, during construction and upon completion.

Realestate agents

Realestate agents and sales people use The Property Pack to showcase themselves to the market or to showcase particular properties to their target markets.

Property Packs can be used for domestic houses, apartments, duplexes, industrial properties, commercial properties, retail properties, units and demolish to rebuild realestate.

Home owners - For sale by owner

Property Packs are used by property owners to showcase houses that they want to sell without using a realestate agent or to supplement the efforts of an agent.

Apart from 22 articles that are published on our websites, each client has a feature page on which will showcase the property.

For properties that are sold by vendors using a Property Pack the cost will in most cases, be way less than realestate agent commission

Investment property marketers

Businesses that represent developers and offer property as both a tax minimisation method and or wealth creation tool can showcase their business or individual projects that they offer.

Property industry professionals

Architects, interior designers, landscape designers, property valuers, surveyors, building inspectors and building certifiers use Property Packs to showcase their skills, their qualifications, their experience and their specialties to the market.

Property finance providers and brokers

Property finance suppliers use Property Packs to showcase their products, terms & conditions and how to find them.

Building industry suppliers

Businesses that supply any or all of the miriad materials or components that comprise any building, showcase their business status, key appointments, product specifications and prices to the trade and consumers.

Building industry services

Businesses that provide services to the building industry use Property Packs. Rubbish removal services, portable toilets, crane hire, scaffolding hire and many others service providers showcase their services to the industry.

Building trades

All sorts of tradespeople use Property Packs to showcase their skills, licences, talents and abilities to the trade and to the public. Think plumbers, painters, concretors, roofers, electricians, plasterers, scaffolders and more.

Household services

Every building needs upkeep. Lawn mowing businesses, window cleaners, emergency plumbing businesses, secuirty screens installers, domestic electricians and painters all use Property Packs


Households move. When they do they will need the services of furniture removalists. Removalists showcase their experiences, prices and services to the public with Property Packs.

Short terms rental properties

Owners or managers of residential properties or homestays that are let for a short term, can use The Property Pack to gain new guests without paying the commissions that businesses like Stayz or AirBNB charge.

What is included in a Property Marketing Pack

High Quality Article Publication

Core components of our Property Packs for the realestate market, are the 22 high authority, high traffic websites that we own.

The Property Pack will create one or more promotional feature articles to showcase a property business' products or services across websites including and,au.

We are content marketing experts and our team members take care of the research, writing and publication.

Each permanent promotional article includes hyperlinks leading to the advertiser's business website to enable people to make contact directly to buy a product or services.

The content marketing materials that we create include a mix of text, embedded YouTube videos, images and links to references and or business websites.

On The Property Pack's pages each property industry promotion includes the advertiser's contact details. No middleman taking a cut or a percentage for leads and client data belongs to the advertiser.

Every article that we create is new, unique and is exclusive to one Property Pack client.

We do not reuse articles; they are the exclusive property of the client for whom they were created.

Property Pack content can take the form of:-




Expert Advice


Product or service menus.

Specific property for sale information and images.

Business profile

Advertising banners

Property Packs include a banner published and displayed on one of our websites for one year in a property, realestate, house and garden or magazine section related to their industry.

The Property Pack can create the banner artwork -

Media Spread

We own and publish dozens of marketing websites. We use them to ensure that our marketing messages reach thousands of viewers every day and are seen in Google search.

These site are included in each Property marketing Pack A realestate website - A high traffic business and property website - A high traffic news and magazine site with a property section - All about making a building into a home. - A high traffic news site with a property section. - Times Urban - Quality realestate news - A news magazine with a popular realestate section - A magazine with a large property section. - An international website with a property section. - Regional property. - A dedicated housing news website - Home & Garden - A State or territory specific property website - Australian magazine with a property section - A high authority site with a realestate section - Business news with realestate features - News and realestate updates - Property and busienss news - A premium magazine with property reports - A premium magazine with property news - Architecture and the environment - Business, investment and property news


Each of our websites have their own predominant audience characteristics and they were created to target specific demographics.

For example, if your target market is men, then is the place to be seen.

Additional websites

For hyper local property developments, businesses or trades people we can substitute one of the sites listed above for our local sites including, or Ballina,, or

Additional Services

Property Packs offer highly effective content marketing to targeted audiences.

Our additional services include

Google ad management

Google ads a very effective in reaching potential customers.

While they can be expensive, they are almost certain to attract new customers for businesses that need instant action.

At The Property Pack, we know how to leverage Google advertising.

Contact us for a quote.

Websites in an hour

Once we have received all of the data from each client, we create fully functional websites on our own server in less than an hour.

Property Pack customers often needed a website upgrade. We are the people to do it as we can integrate part of the 22 articles that we create for each client into their website.

We are experts in link building for the websites owned by our clients.

We are the Link Kings !

We own the websites to prove it. ! and ( Established in 2014 ).

Press release distribution

Here at The Property Pack, we are press release distribution experts.

Every day, with our global press release partners, we are active in the creation or publication of hundreds of press releases for businesses in Australia and around the World.

Our network, our division, our division and our websites reach 1000's of readers including key business people, industry leaders and property professionals.

Get in touch for press release creation, distribution and publishing.

Website banner advertising

We are specialists in online banner ad placement.

Affiliate marketing

We set up affiliate marketing for property industry businesses.

We have been invoiced with affiliate marketing since 2005 and have many contacts with who we co-operate.

Extra articles

Additional articles to be published on ThePropertyPack and any related websites are an option.

Connect with more clients

The Property Pack Australia is an online tradie marketplace where a business can showcase their talents, skills and qualifications to homeowners and builders.

Register your interest and our team will call to discuss how we can help you to grow your business by being seen on The Property Pack Australia.

Get your own online profile to showcase photos of your work, services, and recommendations from happy customers.

How does The Property Pack for tradies work ?

The Property Pack Australia is an online tradie marketplace. We connect homeowners and businesses with online advertisments and resumes.

Who can register on The Property Pack

There are over 1,500 job categories that can appear on The Property Pack Australia from air conditioning installers to plumbers with plenty in between, such as cleaners, designers, electricians, builders, landscapers, roofers and tilers.

Tradies need to have a licence and an ABN to appear on The Property Pack

To showcase your talents on The Property Pack Australia, you need to have a valid ABN. If your relevant government body requires you to have a licence, we will check it before creating your online profile.



1. Writing and publication of five articles on

2. Writing and publication of twenty articles to be placed across our websites

3. Publishing of five 728 x 90 banners across our sites for one year


1. Writing and publication of three articles on

2. Writing and publication of ten articles across our websites

3. Publication of one 728 x 90 banner on one website for a year


1. Writing and publication of two articles on

2. Writing and publication of five articles spread across any of our sites

3. Publication of one 728 x 90 banner on one site for six months.


1. Writing and publication of one article on

2. Writing and publication of two articles spread across any two of our sites.

3. Publication of one banner on our property site for ninety days.


Our prices are one time only.

There are no monthly subscriptions

There are no commission fees for sales or employment obtained due to The Property Pack marketing.

Banners to be supplied by by the customer


1. Invoice and bank transfer

2. PayPal with Pay in 4 an option


Articles and banners can be changed after publishing for a fee for each amendment.

Terms & Conditions

Services offered by The Property Packs are governed by Australian consumer laws.

We will rectify our mistakes at no charge and in a timely manner.

We will publish copy and images supplied to us by clients exactly as sent. If changes are required after publishing, we will charge a variation fee.

Copy that we create will be sent to the client for editing and or corrections prior to publishing. Upon return, the content is deemed to be the final copy for publishing. After publishing, changes will incur and variation fee.

Content sent for publishing will remain on the websites on which it is published for the life of the website. Clients may request removal of the content at any time.

Banner ad space offer as a component of a Property Pack will remain on the site on which it is published for a period of six calendar months.

The content method to be used to reach us +is email

Our Privacy Policy covers how we use data supplied to us by clients.

Article specifications.

Articles provided by The Property Pack to customers will be at least 500 words without an upper limited.

Each article will include one image.

Articles posted on will include two images or more subject to negotiation.

Articles may have up to two embedded videos supplied by the client and served through Youtube.

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