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Leading New Zealand wallpaper company, Miss Lolo, has traversed the Tasman to make Brisbane its permanent base, bringing the brand’s attention-grabbing wall art to brighten homes and commercial spaces across our vast continent and beyond.

Founded in 2013, Miss Lolo specialises in big and bold designer wallcoverings. Its maximalist design style takes a ‘more is more’ approach, with an eclectic mix of patterns and colours.

Miss Lolo’s founder and creative director Tamzyn Adding said the time was ripe – professionally and personally – to relocate to Brisbane and expand the business, which is now operating its print-to-order wall product from the sunshine state.

“Australia has welcomed us with open arms and I’m thrilled by the business opportunities that are already opening up,” she said.

“Exciting collaborations have also manifested. I’m teaming up with the incredibly talented designer and mental health advocate Kasey Rainbow, as well as planning collaborations with Incy Interiors, Padtastic and Scribbler that will rollout during 2023.

“I’m also continuing my relationship with LyLo hotels, which are also expanding over to Australian shores following successful launches in Auckland, Christchurch and Queenstown. We can’t wait to see our products there.

Tamzyn explained that the motivation for all Miss Lolo designs is to stop people in their tracks – and definitely not be a wallflower.

“Our wallpapers aren’t intended to merely blend in with the background or decor – in fact they’re the complete opposite and are designed to disrupt the environment, spark conversation and bring a burst of fun,” she said.

“The Miss Lolo brand has a big personality – our creations are audacious and unapologetically loud; showstoppers that are more art-paper than wallpaper.

“We may not be everyone’s cup of tea, perhaps a bit too in your face for some tastes, but that’s the beauty of art.”

If you want wallpaper that doubles as contemporary art, check out Miss Lolo’s virtual showroom at, and get the good oil on emerging trends (through Miss Lolo’s expert eye and trademark spark) by following her blog.

Miss Lolo has more than 40 luxe designs that are available in a range of adhesive options including ‘peel and stick’. Customised design projects are also welcomed. 


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